www.glasgowmusic.co.uk presents ACOUSTOBLASTER 2011


www.glasgowmusic.co.uk presents ACOUSTOBLASTER 2011


www.glasgowmusic.co.uk presents ‘The Acoustoblaster Tour 2011’
with Tragic O’Hara & The Ramisko Maki Maki Rocking Horse
Saturday April 2nd from High Noon
Various Venues

The ACOUSTOBLASTER TOUR is a triple feature presentation, with both SAMA nominee TRAGIC OHARA and THE RAMISCO MAKI MAKI ROCKING HORSE on the musical bill, plus a live "flip chart" art show from HARVEY GREENDOG.

The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse and Tragic OHara will take part in an intense one day tour of Glasgow, playing free micro sets at various venues across the city. A mixture of music venues, cafes, beer gardens or whatever else takes their fancy on April 2nd starting at noon.

The sets will last 10 minutes per act and will also include live artist, HARVEY GREENDOG wholl be creating works of art on a big flip chart while the music plays out. At the end of each gig the artwork will be offered up to an audience member as will a cassette recording of the sets. To save on setup time, weve constructed the AcoustoBlaster, which is an acoustic guitar with loads of gadgetry gaffer taped to it - including a small amp, mixer, vocal mic and cassette recorder. The whole day is gonna be documented and made available online on GlasgowmusicTV and other online sites shortly

As a special treat, the whole event will be FREE entry!!!

Places where you can see this incredible tour will include King Tuts, Bloc, Vintage Guru, The Ettrick, Mono, Brass Monkey, The Ark, The Arches with more just about to be announced plus other locations possible even announced on the day.

Times will be released on www.glasgowmusic.co.uk in the lead up to the event, along side a poster/map of venues being used.

The whole event will be broadcast on www.twitter.com/acoustoblaster please click follow for more details

**The gig at Vintage Guru will kick off their summer of live music in the store culminating in their stage at the West End Festival.

For interviews/requests/more info please contact craig@glasgowmusic.co.uk


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