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Rose Parade, The River Flowing & Oreste Gargaro at The Black Sparrow

Blog Posted on 2011-06-28 01:23:26

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www.glasgowmusic.co.uk is proud to have run a series of live stripped back, acoustic and electro shows at the Black Sparrow on Charing Cross on weekly Thursday nights throughout May and June. They were News of the World featured no less.

Thanks to everyone who has been down to any of this series of shows. We are stopping for July, we will return in August and September. All the nights have been great fun.

This week sees the last in the series of this run of shows

Rose Parade
Ayrshire folk band with punk roots, which run a successful venture called ‘The Kitchen Sessions’ bring their live show to the Black Sparrow. Their upbeat tunes are worth coming down to dance for.

The River Flowing
Previously a member of Delta Audio Club, Al has decided on his new venture, influenced by the likes of The National, John Martyn and Dallas Green.

Oreste Gargaro
Previously in Jupiter and Teardrop, Oreste has just released album ‘The Winter Thief’

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Also upcoming

30 – The River Flowing, Oreste Gargaro, Rose Parade

*Thursday nights at the Black Sparrow
*www.glasgowmusic.co.uk presents
*All shows are FREE entry unless otherwise stated

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