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Great Western Festival - confirmed line up and what you need to know.

Blog Posted on 2019-11-22 23:58:20

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A new multi-venue music festival is about to begin in the west end of Glasgow tomorrow, the Great Western Festival brings the best in local unsigned talent to get you through the winter blues.

"There are quite a few festivals of similar formats around Glasgow, like Tenement Trail and things, where a number of bands play in a number of venues but we noticed that there wasnt anything like that in the winter." says Ryan Drever of 432 presents, the festival organizer.

"This is our first year of 432, and one of the biggest drivers behind The Great Western has been making this year a big year. We wanted to make this a big year and The Great Western was the first thing weve done completely our own."

Warmduscher were due to be playing at 5pm at the QMU but had to cancel due to an accident that occured involving one of the band members, also Songhoy Blues had to pull out due to visa issues, however the talented Kathryn Joesph and the much loved 90s Scottish band Yummy Fur have decided to take their place and play at the festival.

At each venue, there will be collections for various local charities, including Glasgow NW Foodbank, Flourish House, Girls Rock Glasgow, Tiny Changes and PEEK Project, so please give generously where you can!

As for the weather, its not going to be too icy, and while theres a chance of rain, it should stay dry for most of the day. This means walks between venues shouldnt be too cold or wet, but we do recommend you dress for winter in Scotland!

Glasgowmusic will be there to cover the action, and we will have galleries and a review of the festival within the next few days.

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