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An appeal for information to find stolen govanhill guitars

Blog Posted on 2019-12-11 08:35:04

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We are sharing on behalf of the wider music community and looking for information to pass onto those affected. This is a message from Michael Daly from Govanhill who has just become a victim of a break-in.

Today our flat in Govanhill was broken in to. Among other things they took every instrument I own. This is a collection of guitars I have accumulated over 10 years and I am heartbroken. All the instruments are of great sentimental importance and some are irreplaceable. I cannot stress enough how important all of these instruments are to me and my daily life. I urge everyone to please share this post and any Glasgow based musicians to keep their eyes peeled for anything coming up for sale or in the hands of any musician other than yours truly. Thank you!

Below is a list with pictures and specs of everything that was stolen.

Fender 72 Telecaster Custom, worn Walnut (brown) finish, buckle rash on the back, black strap & Mexican neck.

Epiphone Casino, Natural Finish, Modified with Grover tuners and Bigsby. Small chip on the back of headstock under top right tuner.

1963 Hofner Senator. Dark sunburst Finish, no pickguard. Acoustic arch top.

Martin DRS1 acoustic, tortoiseshell pickguard (very dear to me, was my 18th birthday present)

60’s Jazz Bass, turquoise finish. Yellow pickguard. Very worn/relic’d, thumb rest and ashtray bridge. Super recognisable bass.

Hofner ignition series violin bass. Sunburst with three black nylon strings, one silver.

Tanglewood Acoustic Bass, soundhole pick-up with loose wiring. Hole in bottom right side. One googly eye on headstock.

If you have any information that would be deemed vital to recover these stolen items, please call your local police department.

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