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10 questions with...Miaoux Miaoux

Feature Posted by Everything Flows
Posted on 2012-06-11 22:50:10

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Miaoux Miaoux releases his new album today on Chemikal Underground Records. Light of the North already has reviewers talking about it as one of the albums of the year. You can judge that for yourself by visiting www.chemikal.co.uk to order a copy.

Ill review it later this week, but the albums stunning combination of melody, pop, indie, dance and electro is truly special and elevates Miaoux Miaoux to a new level.

I caught up with Mr Julian Corrie to ask him 10-questions. Lets see what he has to say...

GM - You recorded the album in your own studio and then took it into Chem19 to work with Paul Savage. Did the sound change a great deal?

MM - Yeah, a bit, on some tracks more than others. The biggest change in sound was the mix, really - Paul has an amazing ability to make your record leap out the speakers. He had some invaluable creative input as well, changing the arrangements, adding sounds, and dirtying things up, but the overall sound of the record was already there.

GM - The album features a number of guests, is there anyone out there you would like to guest on a Miaoux Miaoux record in the future?

MM - Id like to work with more vocalists as Im not very confident with my own vocals. Probably no instrumentalists, although Ive been talking to RM Hubbert about doing something, love his stuff.

GM - It is an album full of pop hooks but with some incredible depth; lyrically and in terms of musicianship and production. It can leave people grasping for superlatives or struggling how to describe it. Can you describe your sound?

MM - Ive described it before as like a supercomputer being thrown in a lake. I think that covers it. Haha, seriously I guess you could say electronic pop, although the production for me is as important as the songs. Im really interested in sounds and textures, whereas pop traditionally favours the song over production. Maybe less so these days.

GM - Are you writing at this current moment in time?

MM - Im always writing! I cant help it, unfortunately. Its like a disease.

GM - Have you held anything back from the album?

MM - There was one song, Slow Motion Explosion, that didnt make the cut. Its a nice song and concept but I didnt manage to get it to work. Maybe for the next one.

(Great title - GM)

GM - Looking back to your debut album ‘Rainbow Bubbles’, how far do you think you have developed?

MM - Im much more confident than I used to be, both in songwriting and production. I really didnt know what I was doing in those early days, but there is a certain charm to it, and its important not to lose that. Im trying to get better at what I do whilst retaining a feeling of mild chaos. Plus in those days I wasnt really writing songs - it was pure texture, although melody was still important.

GM - Your album is coming out on Chemikal Underground, do you own many of their artists records? How do you feel to be on the label?

MM - Ive had a great deal of respect for Chemikal for a long time, since the Mogwai records they put out. My pal at school was really into Aereogramme and Arab Strap as well, so that was maybe my first exposure. Theyre great people to work with and Im really lucky to be putting the album out with them.

GM - Some of your remixes have completely transformed tunes, the Martin John Henry one is a particular favourite of mine. Will you be continuing to remix in the future or concentrating on writing and recording your own material?

MM - Yeah, Ill still be remixing - its a slightly different exercise than writing your own stuff as the basic idea is already present, so you can prize it open and add your own stuff quite easily. Its also a great basis for trying new production techniques - the remixes for Martin John Henry and (most recently) Malcolm Middleton were done without a computer and mixed on an actual desk, whereas the Discopolis remix was almost entirely software. Its fun to switch things up like that.

GM - What is next for Miaoux Miaoux, you always seem to have something on the go?

MM - Im about to go into town and have a pint. (Well deserved - GM)

GM - You curated an excellent line-up for your album launch, what other artists do you admire in Scotland at the moment?

MM - Great artists in Scotland at the moment: Pronto Mama, French Wives, Lady North, Tattie Toes, Conquering Animal Sound, Errors, to name but a few. Such a great place to live and make mus

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