Electric Fields 2017 : Interview with Rogue Emperor


Electric Fields 2017 : Interview with Rogue Emperor

Hi Rogue Emperor, how has your Summer been so far?

Hi, Summer so far has been pretty good. Getting gig hardened and getting the album underway, also writing and rehearsing. Busy!.

Any Festival highlights?

Bluecoat was a big highlight for us as it was our first Festival gig, we werent sure how we would go down but the tent was packed and everyone was dancing their nuts off!. Result!.

With a couple of Manchester bands in the lineup, are we likely to find a Hacienda influence in the music?

There are obvious Hacienda influences in that we all grew up during its heyday. Martins electronic background brings elements of that sound but the rest of us make it a entity.

What can the Festival audience expect in terms of the live show?

The live show is shaped like a DJ set so what we want to see is people dancing. Its not about the "band" its about the beat.

Who are you looking forward to watching at Electric Fields?

Our audience!.

What is each of your favourite experiences of a Scottish Audience?

Ive had some amazing experiences of Scottish Audiences over the years. They always have a good time, are respectful and are the most devoted live music fans in the world.........

What is your favourite Scottish saying?

Away n Shite.

When can we expect an album?

We are looking to get the album out early next year.......

I hope you have a great show at the Festival. I cant wait to see it.


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