The Banter Thiefs & The View @ Paisley S.U - 16/02/2013

21 Feb 2013 , Review by Paul Montgomery

The Banter Thiefs & The View @ Paisley S.U - 16/02/2013

The Thiefs steal the limelight

In the less than salubrious surroundings of Paisley S.U, the chances of not being covered in beer or less enjoyable liquids were slim as Motherwell up n comers The Banter Thiefs and Dundee crowd favourites The View took to the stage for laddish Rawk n Roll. Thankfully the gig wasnt as messy as the floor or my jacket for that matter

Swings and Roundabouts, the latest single from Motherwell bred 4 piece The Banter Thiefs kicked things off. A simple yet appealing tune about the sunday morning fear wouldnt be out of place on the headliners setlist. A solid opener by anyones means

Less brash than the opener, Rockstars was next. Again lyrically very facile, its beauty lay in its simplicity. The crowd were playing their part too, the boys seem to have attracted a loyal shouty crowd which when youre supporting a band like The View, is definitely a bonus.

The band followed with a couple of more Happy-Go-Lucky numbers - Pretty Boys, a sardonic take on hipsters and Oasis like in its presentation and Sly Tinnies, a nod im assuming to pilfered beer. Betwixt these frenetic could be singles was the standout Civic Cafe, a more soporific and deeply personal song. It clearly has meaning within the band as their interaction showed.

Finishing things up was All My Life, a fun upstart clearly influenced by the headliners. It brought an excellent reaction from the crowd and the boys couldnt have done more to whip up the audience for the main barnstormers. Many will say its dumbed down music for the inner city boys but who cares when its so much fun, the guys are off to Norway on tour and they are unquestionably one for the future so heres hoping when they return their youthful joviality remains and their promise flourishes.

The View certainly dont need column inches with number one albums, indie number one singles and mercury music nominations so well keep this short and sweet. What the boys do isnt clever but it is big, very rarely do you see such a devoted crowd following with corybantic singles Same jeans and Wasted Little D.Js whipping the sell out to near delerious abberation.

All in all, a fun, beer throwing, plenty of nonsense gig. It wont be for the beard stroking poets amongst us but does it really matter? In these recessive times, value for money and a good time are exigent and these were certainly on offer here.


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