All But Invisible by Benedictus

13 Feb 2017 , Review by PJ Dykes

All But Invisible by Benedictus

Through a glass, darkly.

Through a glass, darkly.

"Every man is truly two beings, cursed with the struggle of good and evil within him."

The immortal theory of human natures duality is uttered through the static of an ancient radio broadcast amidst a trench of echo chamber feedback, as an early marker of Benedictus manifesto is channelled throughout the intro of latest EP, All But Invisible.

The contradictory nature of Whisper - for it is anything but delivered in hushed tones - continues this theme, with Stephen Smarts kenspeckle vocals imploring us to, "Tell my little sister that I wont be back home... Shell have to fend for herself, Ive left her on her own," to an ubiquitous Queens of the Stone Age thump.

Frontman Smart then tongue-rolls his way through the wickedly infectious third track - the standout Suicide / Paradise - an enduring anthem, which continues to weave a meandering thread through the Jekyll and Hyde narrative.

Benedictus polar twins spar throughout the final two songs of their sophomore effort, and the shadows complement the shine splendidly; like the macabre does the majestic; and the diabolical the divine.

As well as devouring the works of Stevenson, Benedictus also gravitate towards the more sinister hues of Arctic Monkeys Humbug, and are well acquainted with Second Coming-era Squiresque fretbraggery.

The ideal bedfellow of last years debut, Control, Whisper promises that we are, "gonna meet a new friend." Like the noted professor, as he assumed the thick cloak of the villainous Edward Hyde, once you have indulged in this transforming draught from the City of Discovery youll be unwittingly possessed by your new acquaintance.


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