Bears Den - Barrowlands 13/04/2019

25 Apr 2019 , Review by Craig McGee

Bears Den - Barrowlands 13/04/2019

Playing right in front of the crowd is a rare sight these days

London based folk rock band Bears Den recently announced a European tour to promote their upcoming album So that you might hear me which is due to be released on the 26th April of this year. Some of their stops include The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France and of course, Glasgow, being one of their many UK concerts that they announced.

Bears Den formed in 2012 consisting of lead vocalist and guitars Andrew Davie, Kevin Jones and Joey Haynes, the latter leaving the band in early 2016. Since their formation they have been nominated for several awards, including Artist of the Year as well as Song for the Year for their single, Agape.

April 13th was the day of their Glasgow gig, It was a beautiful cloudless day with temperatures at around the 15 degree mark, the vibe outside Barrowlands was awesome, the crowd could not wait to get in, as someone who was not only reviewing but also photographing, I got the impression that it was going to be a great show.

Opening up for Bears Den that night was Tusks, the stage name for solo musician Emily Underhill, despite some of the crowd talking over her songs she delivered a perfect warm up performance.

Bears Den was next and the crowd roared when they appeared, they first begin the set with their newly released single Fuel on the Fire which has already been proven popular on Spotify and I can see why, afterwards they performed Elysium and Dew on the Vine before it was time for me to leave the stage pit, put my camera in the bag and catch the rest of the show.

Their best known single is Sophie which they performed an acoustic set of, it was received with applause as the crowd stomped to the tune, I felt that iconic shake in every stomp that only The Barrowlands has. The only disappointing thing was that I just finished my pint of lager and for some reason they decided to close the bars for a while, it was no big deal as they reopened again. Red Earth and Love we Stole soon followed.

The most memorable moment of the gig was when the band decided to walk off the stage carrying their acoustic guitars and show up right in front of the audience. With the crowd in a circle around them, they performed Blankets of Sorrow, it was truly a spectacle and its something you never see at gigs anymore.

It was a gig that I will think of again in the years to come, it was that good that my friend sent me constant messages on Facebook telling me to head back to the west end and come to BeGIN (it was Saturday after all), but I stuck around and for good reason, I left The Barrowlands satisfied and I wasnt the only one.

You can view an entire photo gallery of Bears Den by clicking http://www.glasgowmusic.co.uk/viewAlbum.php?albumId=72157707881042595" target="_blank">here , all photographs courtesy of Stewart Fullerton photography.


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