Foals - SWG3 18/06/2019

27 Jun 2019 , Review by Craig McGee

Foals - SWG3 18/06/2019

Are you ready for another banger?, here is one straight out of the barbecue!

I had the pleasure of being given a review ticket for one of my favourite acts last Wednesday, Foals were to play at SWG3 which is just a 5 minute walk from my flat and I could not wait for the event.

I have followed Foals since the very beginning, I have not just seen them in Glasgow but also London, Manchester and even stateside in Austin, Texas where I worked as a promoter at SXSW. In 2007, I was doing a DJ night called whitenoisefeedback:distortion at Firewater with 2 other friends and we made an ambitious effort to get Foals to play beforehand, we almost got them to agree, but we sadly failed.

Ive been to SWG3 many times but this was the first time Ive seen a gig outdoors at the SWG3 Galvanizers Yard, the weather wasnt great, a typical Scottish summers day, it was dull and we had the odd periods of rain, but like how my surroundings felt, it was no big deal for me, we were looking forward to this.

Following support from Kiev and Yak, Foals were due to begin and the crowd were jumping throughout the entire show, playing their well known songs such as Mountain at My Gates, In Degrees and of course, My Number, delivering that energetic performance they are best known for. Other memorable moments include Yannis Philippakis constant taunts towards the crowd, one liners such as "You guys are a fucking bad ass crowd!" , "Its Tuesday?, well Tuesday can go fuck itself!" and "Are you ready for another banger?, heres one straight out of the barbecue!".

It proves the reason why so many bands play and enjoy playing in Glasgow, our crowds are second to none and they were in fine form on the day.

After the Encore they finished off with What Went Down and Two Steps, Twice, with Yannis yelling "This song’s called Two Steps, Twice, bitches!" before the latter was played, Yannis definitely had the 5,000 capacity crowd in the palm of his hands.

The only downside of the gig were the waiting times to get refreshments, despite 2 bars being open.

Overall a fantastic gig and its humbling to see the band come to what they are now in all these years I have known them, I look forward to seeing them again.

Until next gig guys!


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