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Framingo Records

FRAMINGO RECORDS are a vibrant independent
label operating out of Cumbernauld, Scotland.

It is a sad state of affairs when, in this era of instantly
manufactured (and forgotten!!!) pop-stars and z-list reality
celebrities, that a pretty face and formalistic tune are the key components in building a successful career in music to the detriment of raw talent and genuine determination.

We at FRAMINGO are on a mission to halt this slide into
a media- induced quagmire of talent-less nobodies and
restore a feeling of genuine faith in the future of rock` n `roll
which has been sadly lacking since. …Well, since the last
time the future of rock`n`roll was at risk!!!

FRAMINGO have many moons of experience in performing, recording and releasing records and aim to provide a springboard for new and unsigned bands to enter the fray of the music industry and sample its wicked delights. We don’t promise a sell-out tour of the Balkans or your posters on every stationary object from Tollcross to Skye!! But, we can offer a deal suited to your needs (and our bank balance!) to provide a starting point when setting out on the journey of discovery into a world populated by royalties, riders and reefers…

FRAMINGO are into anything with a decent tune, a touch of originality and bands with an ability to play live and entertain. Above all you need what we term The F-FACTOR ©.THE FRAMINGO FACTOR!!!!

Check out this site and get to know us….
and if you like what you see, get in touch and lets Get it on!!!

IMPORTANT : if shop information has been changed/needs updated then please contact craig@glasgowmusic.co.uk