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Academy Of Sound

The Academy started life in 1994 above a Music shop in Torquay, Devon, offering private, instrument lessons and Music Technology courses. 16 years later and The Academy is now a national network of music schools, covering 7 locations and offering aspiring musicians the chance to study, practise and perform near to home. Now specialising in teaching Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals, housed in great facilities, learning with like -minded people on a variety of formal BTEC and Degree courses, the majority of which are fully funded. You will be inspired and encouraged to learn by our team of teachers who are all leading local, national and internationally recognised musicians in their own right.

The Academy provide a no frills approach to constantly improving your performing skills, instrument technique, musicianship, instrument knowledge and general understanding of the music industry . We are very proud to have a world class team of Course writers, who are constantly developing our curriculum, making it comparable to any course offered anywhere in the world today!

All of our management and administration teams around the country are full of Music Industry specialists, with backgrounds in Record label and tour management, promotions, media, Music Law and of course performing. They are a huge support to our students and are also and great source of information and inspiration.

You will learn from musicians who teach and not just music teachers. There is a big difference! We draw from a huge network of musicians from around the country and are very careful to place the right people in front of our students. They all need to have technical excellence, varied and valuable musical experience as well as the correct academic qualifications and communications skills to deliver our demanding curriculum.

We are the ONLY instrument specialist Music College, with centres based around the country. This makes it as easy as possible for students to study close to home, potentially saving the cost and stress of re-locating.

IMPORTANT : if shop information has been changed/needs updated then please contact craig@glasgowmusic.co.uk