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Moon Guitars Ltd

Moon Guitars was established by Jimmy Moon in 1979 in a small workshop on the Island of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.

Combining his engineering skills and love of music, Jimmy first began producing dulcimers….progressing quickly on to acoustic guitars. His reputation as a fine craftsman soon flourished, and with the help of his musician brother, Brendan, he was soon making and repairing instruments for many of Scotland’s finest musicians.

By 1985 Moon Guitars had outgrown the small workshop on Arran and all was moved to the present workshops in Glasgow.

During the following years, Moon Guitars established themselves as a producer of custom built instruments of a very high quality, combined with a comprehensive repair service for both visiting and local musicians.
(L to R) Inness, Stephen, Jimmy and Joan with Tess the dog.
During this period, the company produced mostly custom electric instruments, varying from a 12string jazz style semi acoustic (Charlie Burchill – Simple Minds) to a ‘tartan’(!) solid electric (Iain Harvie – Del Amitri).

By 1990, running out of space again, the company extended the original premises, by converting what had once been an upholstery workshop next door.

The next five years saw a change in the industry, and realizing this shift, Jimmy returned to his roots and began producing more acoustic instruments, whilst always continuing with the custom electrics and repair service.

During this time, Jimmy developed the now well known electro/acoustic mandolin. The Model T was quickly followed by three more body shapes – models, G R & A. The model T in particular is now played around the world, by many professional musicians. (see our Artists page)

In the last few years, Moon Guitars have extended their production to include the entire mandolin family and a range of quality acoustic guitars. (see news page for recent additions)

Jimmy plays double bass in Scotland’s best known bluegrass band The Moonshiners.

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