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May Bank Studios

The studio is based in a converted Victorian bakery in the Southside of Glasgow, less than a mile from the city centre

There is over 1200 sq ft of recording space, made up of 2 live areas, a large control room and 2 isolation booths.

All the rooms have direct visual contact with the control room, and the two live rooms link visually to each other via CCTV

Each area has its own unique sound - The main live area has a natural accoustic, which works well for strings, accoustic guitars, and a big drum sound. The second live room has a drier sound, perfect for upfront brass and precise percussion. The two booths also have their own characteristic, and together the different rooms make for an extremely flexible and creative space.

Equipment includes a large selection of quality mics (inc. Gefell, Rode, AKG, Shure), amplifiers inc. Marshall, Fender, Peavey, AMEK analogue mixing desk, and a wide range of preamps, processors & effects.

We also have an upright piano and drum kit available in the studio

IMPORTANT : if shop information has been changed/needs updated then please contact craig@glasgowmusic.co.uk