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King Tuts

King Tuts

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King Tut's was founded, in the centre of Glasgow, by the DF Concerts boss Stuart Clumpas, who wanted to create a platform for promoting bands at club level, showcasing them with gigs seven days a week at a reasonable hour, after being unable to find such an establishment in the city centre's nightlife. The venue first opened its doors in February 1990, and has established a reputation for showcasing new talent and hosting many well-known bands' first Scottish appearances. This reputation was acquired early on in 1993 when The Verve, Radiohead and Oasis all played in the Glasgow venue in a two week period and. It was in this time when Oasis were discovered and signed by the record label Creation, while playing their song "Supersonic", which was to become their debut single. According to the venue's manager, Dave McGeachan, the band "bullied their way on stage" when they discovered that Alan McGee, the founder of Creation Records was attending the venue that night. Colin MacIntyre, the singer-songwriter from the Scottish indie band Mull Historical Society was reported as claiming "you haven't made it unless you've played Tut's". The appeal and popularity of King Tut's has been credited to "it's consistency and dedication to bringing a cross-section of different styles to Glasgow's doorstep"

Others who have played gigs at King Tut's early in their careers include Biffy Clyro, Coldplay, Beck, Blur, Crowded House, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Skunk Anansie, The Verve and Travis, who played the live music venue regularly under their original name of Glass Onion.

The venue has been acclaimed by pioneers of new music in the UK, such as radio DJ Steve Lamacq, who praised King Tut's influence on music in Britain by saying "King Tut's has got everything I like about a music venue. It's a good size, with a good crowd, and I've had some really special nights there. I think bands feel comfortable playing there too."

King Tut's have launched King Tut's Recordings and a Your Sound event every month to help support unsigned bands become acquainted with the workers in the local music industry.

In 1999 King Tut's decided to branch out with the launch of a monthly comedy night where comedians, including the likes of Phil Kay, Lynn Ferguson and Fred MacAuley have taken to the stage, alongside some of Scotland's rising young comics.

In February 2000, the ten year anniversary of the Glasgow live music venue was celebrated with a series of one-off concerts, parties and surprise guests running over ten days. Due to the success of the event, a 25,000 refurbishment of the upstairs bar was completed.

November 2001 saw King Tut's being named as the 'Licensed Music Pub of the Year' by the Scottish Licensed Trade News and the live music venue has also recently been successful in its application for a 1am license, giving even more bands the chance to play to the King Tut's crowd.

In 2005, King Tut's held "The Best Scottish Bands of All Time" night, which featured acts such as Snow Patrol, Idlewild, Eugene Kelly, and Colin MacIntyre.

From the 17th to the 21st of December 2008, Idlewild performed a series of live shows at the venue, playing each of their albums on consecutive nights.

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut will also play host to the Homecoming Scotland 2009 Finale Celebrations, the Glasgow live music venue working in conjunction with the Clyde Auditorium to provide a weekend of celebration.

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