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Established in 1990 by concert promoter and Big Stuff himself, Donald MacLeod, the Cathouse started life on Brown Street in Glasgow where it grew in popularity from 1990 – 1995. In 1995 it moved up to Union Street, a more central location and, more importantly, a larger capacity venue that was long overdue to allow the club to grow it's supply to meet the demand of an ever-increasing rock and alternative lifestyle fan base.

No other club in Glasgow, perhaps even Scotland, can boast such a dedicated, timeless following as The Cathouse. For 16 years a consistent and unique relationship has existed between the club and its customers, the venue and its gig goers. It has hosted too many live acts to mention (Pearl jam, Oasis, QOTSA, fall out boy to name but a few) and it really is the trademark destination for those who live a rock n roll lifestyle and appreciate any opt-out alternative aesthetic with their club culture.

2006 saw the infamous Scottish club and live-music venue finally receive some recognition, seeing off stiff competition to scoop SLTN’s “Night Club of the year 2006” and collecting a full house of awards for Donald MacLeod’s multi award winning, Glasgow based company, CPL Entertainment Group.

Looking to the future The Cathouse continues to push the boundaries renegading fantastic new club nights, hot new live acts and guest DJs to feed the demanding appetites of our ever increasing regulars.

We hope to see you in there for a Jack or two!

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