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Tramway was redeveloped by Zoo Architects and won the Scottish Design Awards prestigious Architecture Grand Prix in 2001. Its unique and versatile spaces inspire Tramway’s visual and performing arts programme and provide a permanent range of participation opportunities. All the spaces are available for hire.

Ground Level
Tramway 1 is normally associated with large scale performing arts projects. It is a flexible theatre space capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding projects and ambitious ideas through its ability to adapt and change from show to show. It has a standard capacity of 600 seats of which 400 are fully flexible and can be set in a variety of configurations. The remaining 200 seats form a fixed balcony overlooking the main performing area. It has an overall floor area of 30mx40m.

Tramway 2
The principal exhibition space and one of the largest single galleries in Europe (approximately 1030 square meters). The original tramlines, steel pillars and the sheer scale of this space make it one of the most impressive visual arts spaces in Europe.

Tramway 4
A studio theatre. Many of Tramway’s Dark Lights Commissions begin their life in this long adaptable space that houses around 100 people.

Upper Level
During 2008 a number of significant changes will take place on our first floor level as part of the developments to Tramway, linking the building to the new Scottish Ballet headquarters.

Project Room
The Project Room will move to the ground floor at the front of the building, facing out onto Albert Drive. This is a significant development that will transform the old Project Room into Tramway’s second fully functioning gallery space, re named Tramway 5. Primarily a space for Tramway’s visual arts programme, it will continue to be used to present work by young, Glasgow based artists as part of the Dark Lights Commissions programme.

The space previously occupied by the Project room will be converted, along with the adjacent Upper Café space into the new Visual Arts Studio which will continue to organises a wide range of classes and workshops open to the public.

Upper Foyer Gallery
This space is used for exhibitions, talks, classes and events.

Stable 3 will continue to be Tramway’s general all purpose workshop space, re-named the Tramway Studio. Stable 4 will become the home for Glasgow’s Independent Dance Community, a purpose built dance studio with changing rooms and toilet facilities. Tramway’s office, situated in Stable 5 will move to a new area adjacent to the Upper Foyer Gallery, and above the new Tramway 5 Gallery on Albert Drive. Stable 5 will then become the new Scottish Ballet Education Studio, again housing a fully equipped dance studio and changing facilities. Stable 6 and Stable 7 become part of the new Scottish Ballet Headquarters and will house their administration facilities.

IMPORTANT : if venue information has been changed/needs updated then please contact craig@glasgowmusic.co.uk

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