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Slouch Bar Restaurant & Venue hit Glasgows Bath Street in September 2010.

Slouch has a team of chefs dedicated to using only the best locally sourced, seasonal produce. Our menus are full to bursting with homemade, hearty classics. Youll be full to bursting too once you have sampled one of our dishes. Remember and leave room for desserts.

Slouch celebrates all that is Rock n Roll through the last 60 years and is the only place to hear your favourite artists and maybe discover some new future faves. Our unique cocktail menu is dotted with classic Rock n Roll song titles and will keep you talking (and tasting) all night long.

We will have a programme of live music from launch and look forward to adding to Glasgows already celebrated live music scene.

Remember your school teachers used to say "Stop Slouching!!"?

Well its time to start Slouching all over again.

IMPORTANT : if venue information has been changed/needs updated then please contact craig@glasgowmusic.co.uk

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