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Steampunk Cafe

Steampunk Cafe

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Steampunk is a sci-fi, fashion and art genre inspired by an alternative Victorian era where steam power prevails. Think HG Wells, aviator goggles and (purists look away) Will Smith film ‘Wild Wild West’. It’s an emerging trend, and this cocktail bar and diner is a bold embodiment – a gigantic, stretching space of burgundy chesterfields and chandeliers, and artwork by local painters. The sculpture behind the bar is very steampunk, the soundtrack is swing and they hold cabaret nights – but it’s never too ‘cultish’ or too ornate to be comfy, and during the day shoppers and office workers are as likely to frequent as anyone else. Alongside burgers the menu has ‘punk pockets’ – conical stuffed tortillas. The taste is decent enough, and though neither the pork nor the brisket stand up to the depth of flavour found in other establishments, Steampunk’s focus lies elsewhere. Mini combos, where wee versions are delicately arranged on a wooden board with ickle condiments in the middle, are a typically stylish little touch from a place that manages a wide appeal while still being a niche.

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