Mugstock Festival cancelled for the 2nd year running.


Mugstock Festival cancelled for the 2nd year running.

The following was announced by the organisers earlier today.

We are very sorry to announce that MugStock 2024 has been cancelled.

All ticket holders will be refunded in the next few days.

We apologise sincerely to everyone who was looking forward to coming, and are beyond grateful to all who got behind our vision. You helped generate 315% more ticket sales than this time last year. The event might have been viable, but the rising cost of everything left us with projections ranging from slight profit to massive loss. We had to choose whether to either gamble or play it safe.

We decided to play it safe.

We hope youll support our decision, agonising as is.

This will be the end for MugStock as a festival, but we are more than just an event. The charity has evolved, now operating 2 large premises for creative and community benefit.

As we write this works are just about to commence to finally install hot water and a kitchen in The MugShack, our 500 capacity venue in Cumbernauld. We are committed to bringing this space fully to life, benefitting and entertaining thousands. Insane as it may sound, as we write this there is a team there still working on decor. There are half way through creating the most stunning dragon sculpture for the main stage. Its scales are made from abandoned tents and it will breathe smoke. A permanent home and pride of place in the MugShack is guaranteed, and we will also find a chance to take it al fresco before the summer is out. The MugShack is also home to Cumbernauld Alternative Network CIC who run free creative workshops in upcycling, and TRASH Music Projects, a charity running free rock band and junk percussion music workshops to young people.

Festival Studios, our creative co-working space in central Glasgow, is a bustling hive of inspiring activity, and home to over 20 groups and individuals including artists, sculptures, theatre companies, social enterprises, makers, hackers, Articulate Hub – an amazing creative charity serving hundreds of Glasgows care experienced young people.

If we gambled at this stage all of the above would be at risk.

We couldnt in good conscience take the sort of gamble which could leave artists, crew and suppliers unpaid for their contributions and have further reaching effects on other non-profits, creatives and those they serve. Its time to cut our losses.

We wouldnt have got this far without spending money. Our sunk costs amount to around £25,000. It could be worse... but its far from ideal. Weve made the decision to cancel now because we can still just manage to refund everyone. A mass refund of all tickets has been initiated now. It has left us in the red and we need to fundraise to fill the gap.

If you can, please show your support today by making a donation at www.mugstock.org/donate

As a charity we arent going anywhere, but unless some sort of unicorn of a sponsor or donor underwrites a future event, the concept of MugStock: a Festival of Music & Merriment is one which has reached its conclusion (Unicorn donors / sponsors should apply in writing to [email protected])! Were deeply proud of what we as a volunteer led team have achieved - 4 unforgettable weekends, some of the best music we could find and many deep and enduring friendships.

Today we pay tribute to and thank everyone who has supported and contributed to our vision since 2015. It’s a list of thousands. We pay tribute to the friends who met on our crew and are now married, to the volunteers now bossing it as events professionals, the kazoo playing conga world record attemptees, the legends who created our human peace sign, all the volunteers and crew who have been working so hard behind the scenes, the traders, the suppliers, the councils, every single act and contributor and especially all of the dogs!

It was a good idea. It would have been amazing. Life goes on, and we are fortunate to live in such a vibrant and creative country.

Please share this news, feel free to ask questions if you have them, await your refund (if applicable, it should just take a few days), donate if you can, and perhaps most crucially of all Buy Tickets for Other Independent Music Festivals.

Eden is this weekend and will be epic. Kelburn is consistently one of the most inventive and immersive events in the UK, Butefest is also a not for profit and ran by lovely people. Solfest is one of the loveliest festivals going, and the lineup for Lindisfarne is off the charts. Support independent music, and each other.

Thank you sincerely.

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