PAWS - CCA, 04/10/12

09 Oct 2012 , Review by Harris Brine

PAWS - CCA, 04/10/12

Fat Cats new boys launch debut album in the only way they know how; riotously

Theres something in the water down in Brighton. For the last twelve years, the small seaside town has been the home of Fat Cat Records, the shrewd independent record label that has, with an unrivalled eye, hand-picked fresh Scottish talent with resounding success. Already boasting Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks as proud alumni, the labels water-keen scouts sought out the signature of Glasgows frenetic three-piece PAWS earlier in the year, and expectations remained high on the hyperactive trio to deliver.

So after endless gigs in dingy back-street bars, a flurry of festivals, a fistful of cassettes, the Misled Youth EP and whilst in the middle of a European tour supporting Japandroids, PAWS were finally ready to showcase the thirteen tracks that make up debut album Cokefloat! in the clinical white of the citys Centre For Contemporary Arts.

The venue choice itself may have been a surprising decision for the bands dirt-stained plain-speaking punk, or Haribo-thrash as drummer Josh Swinney sardonically coined it last year, and perhaps was most revealing in the failure to deliver promised free Cokefloats on the door (a genuine plan scuppered by the CCAs management due to Health and Safety precautions), but it turned out to be perfectly-sized to contain the ensuing mayhem.

It appeared there was also something in the water in the CCA, as within a few songs, the audience were already stirring into restlessness. The heartfelt lyrics of Catherine 1956 and Bloodline, both written about lead singer Philip Taylors late mum, were each dedicated clear space amongst Homecoming, Kitten and the frantic Miss American Bookworm.

By the time PAWS had rolled out Tulip, everything had descended into utter madness. Taylor could only throw off a wide grin as it appeared as if Glasgow had only now caught wind of the London riots, except hoodies had been replaced with checkered-shirted yobs yielding freshly-pressed copies of The Skinny as batons. Even the photographer eventually succumbed to the fracas, relinquishing his duties to launch himself furiously on top of the heaving mass.

As favourites Lekker, Booger and new single Sore Tummy put the brakes on Cokefloat!s tumultuous sold-out launch, Fat Cats discerning decision to gamble on the band was finally fully understood. Amidst the frenetic fuzzy static, PAWS made it very clear that although their songs may be short, theyll be around for a long time.


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