Kaiser Chiefs - Barrowlands 06/06/2019

17 Jun 2019 , Review by Craig McGee

Kaiser Chiefs - Barrowlands 06/06/2019

I predicted a riot, and it happened.

Initially meant to play in January but forced to cancel due to illness, the Kaiser Chiefs return to Glasgow for their rescheduled show at The Barrowlands and Glasgowmusic was there to see all the action.

Before I begin the review I have an interesting fact to share, I am apparently Ricky Wilsons doppelganger, I always got the odd "Oh my god, you look like Ricky Wilson!" by people in my local pub. However, when he became a judge in The Voice the comparisons skyrocketed, I was stopped by strangers on the street because they wanted a picture, even taxi drivers who have no visibility of their passengers, compared me to the singer. When I got confirmation to cover their upcoming Barrowlands gig, I thought "This is going to be very interesting, I wonder how many reactions I would get from Kaiser Chief fans".

Opening up the night was a band called Novacub, who delivered a mixture of soft music and occasionally what the singer called "teenage rant" music, she admitted that she was a frustrated teenager and the music illustrated how she felt about life at that point.

Kaiser Chiefs came on to a mass roar from the crowd, what you normally expect from a Glasgow crowd and especially at The Barrowlands. They began their show with People Know How to Love One Another, a new song from their upcoming album "Ducks", this was followed by their classic song "Never Miss a Beat" which sent the crowd to raptures.

Other classics followed such as Na Na Na Na Na, Ruby, Oh My God, Everyday I love you Less and Less, I Predict a Riot and most surprisingly of all, a cover of The Whos Pinball Wizard.

The energy and the adrenaline on show that night was phenomenal, Ricky Wilson constantly jumping off amplifiers and even jumping off a drum kit at a large height, confetti constantly raining down a jubilant audience, it all resembled the time I saw them at T in the Park 13 years ago and that was when they were in their peak of their popularity. Ironically when I first saw them live on that festival, The Who headlined.

The only downside of the gig was I never got "Hey Ricky!" from anyone that night, noone was particularly bothered, it was either too dark or I have aged horribly since Ricky left The Voice.

But all in all, they made amends of their short notice postponement to deliver a sensational gig and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

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