Inhaler, Feet - SWG3 TV Studio - 23/02/20

24 Feb 2020 , Review by Graham McCusker

Inhaler, Feet - SWG3 TV Studio - 23/02/20

Hotly-tipped Dubliners Inhaler return to Glasgow for a wild show at SWG3

Appearing on every “ones to watch” list at the start of the year, Dubliners Inhaler already seem to have captured the imagination. Without so much of a release date announced for their debut album, they have tonight had their room upgraded to the TV Studio at SWG3 this evening, following a sold out King Tuts towards the end of last year.

Opening the show this evening are Coventry five-piece Feet. On the back of their uniquely-titled debut ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’, released late last year, the band have a reputation for riotous live shows. This proves to be accurate as within the first two songs, the guitarists are on each others’ shoulders as their frenetic, screeching guitars wail through the venue. Their set of largely unimaginative indie rockers impress the crowd, but it’s the energetic Libertines-inspired ‘Petty Thieving’ which sees Feet at their best.

It is a mixture of the dedicated youth down the front loaded with cider and black, raring to go apeshit, and the intrigued middle-agers up the back, interested how Inhaler’s frontman holds up to his father (vocalist Eli Hewson is the son of a little-known singer called Bono) who populate the rammed venue this evening. As the four-piece take to the stage, they are greeted with the hysteric screams usually reserved for the likes of One Direction.

The Dubliners begin with the stadium-sized anthem ‘When I’m With You’, immediately demonstrating their credentials for bigger stages than this. Limbs begin to flail as they launch into ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’. The catchy chorus is irresistible, and frontman Hewson pulls all the shapes to endear himself to his dedicated following.

After a brief pause for the slower ‘A Night On The Floor’, prior to which Hewson permits toilet breaks to be taken, recent single ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ brings back the momentum. A festival classic in waiting, expect this to be inescapable come summer time, and the amount of joyous bodies on shoulders across the crowd only evidences this further.

The as-yet-unreleased material performed tonight show that Inhaler won’t be escaping the airwaves anytime soon and ‘Cheer Up Baby’, which sees the foursome draped in luscious pink light, is a ready made hit single complete with thundering guitars and dreamy chorus. After a bash through the atmospheric ‘There’s No Other Place’, which sounds familiarly like early U2, Inhaler conclude their short, sharp set with an excellent ‘My Honest Face’. Since it’s release last year, it has become an instant favourite and in a live environment, everything is bolstered significantly. The howling chorus, thundering drums and electrifying guitars reach a wonderful crescendo and a fitting end to a fantastic performance on this, the last night of their UK tour.

On the face of it, Inhaler are another group of four good-looking indie boys with guitars but the reality is they have so much more to offer. While their material may not be anything groundbreaking, there are enough catchy hooks and choruses to suggest that they may well be the next saviours of guitar music.


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