BABYMETAL - Barrowlands 19/02/2020

02 Mar 2020 , Review by Craig McGee

BABYMETAL - Barrowlands 19/02/2020

What am I watching here?

On a cold winters Wednesday, Barrowlands was hosting one of the biggest acts from the J-Pop scene, a heavy metal band known as BABYMETAL who stopped by in Glasgow as part of their Metal Galaxy World Tour and Glasgowmusic were invited to cover, it was a gig I was personally looking forward to.

Barrowlands was already jam packed when Southampton based goth-punk band Creeper performed as the nights support act, delivering the perfect warm-up for the main event.

BABYMETAL came on to a rapturous welcome from the audience, who were diverse being either heavy metal fans, anime fans or people who basically love all things Japanese. They began their set with DA DA Dance, Gimme Chocolate, Shanti Shanti Shanti and BxMxC.

As the show went on I began to ask myself, what am I watching here?, Im old enough and cynical enough to say that Ive seen it all before, I am delighted to be proved wrong, BABYMETAL just might be that act.

While the deliberately anonymous backing band are busy melting your face off with a blistering metal backbeat we are punched in the face with the choreographed cuteness of the three girls fronting the band.

Such is their energy it is remarkable that Su-Metal maintains perfect pitch throughout the entire performance. The jubilant crowd joined in with the familiar "here we... here we... here we fucking go" chant, the venue was rocking and packed to capacity.

Which brings me back to my original point; what am I watching here? Could three cutesey cosplayers from Japan be the ones who breathe life into on an otherwise lifeless genre?

The set may have been relatively short at 45 minutes, but on the strength of last Wednesdays performance, the answer is yes.

Review by Chris Fullerton.


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