All Time Low - Barrowlands 28/09/2021

29 Sep 2021

All Time Low - Barrowlands 28/09/2021

Live gigs are back, everybody get kinda awesome!

The UK has been enjoying a return to gigs after 18 months of absence, and Glasgow is of no exception with venues around the city reopening to the public. Since early September everyone has been embracing the revival of the live music scene, which has been devastated by the latest global disaster.

However, the comeback of live concerts in late August have been limited to British acts performing, but with the recent announcements that vaccinated people are free to travel between the UK and the US, that enabled American bands to play gigs in the UK again, one of the first to play since the pandemic is Baltimore based All Time Low, they stopped by for 2 Glasgow shows in the citys iconic Barrowland Ballroom, and Glasgowmusic were invited to cover the Tuesday concert.

Upon arrival there was a big line of punk rockers waiting to get in, with some experiencing their first gig in almost 2 years, everybody outside the venue was looking forward to the event.

They were 2 acts supporting All Time Low that evening, the first being The Maine, and the 2nd support came from Meet Me At The Altar, Barrowlands was already rammed at this point, play however stopped for a brief moment when Meet Me At The Altar singer Edith Johnson believed that she injured someone in the audience as a result of her crowdsurfing, constantly saying if "he was ok", after saying he was fine she shouted "Yeah!!, were all good man!", and the show continued.

Barrowlands was jumping throughout the evening, the most memorable moment was when Edith said to the audience "Give me a yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!" and they responded with her, Edith was also given random hats by the crowd to wear during the performance.

Both bands delivered a perfect warm up of what was to follow.

Rasputin from Boney M was playing in the background until it stopped halfway through and the venue became pitch black, All Time Low was ready to perform, the band came out to a jubilous welcome from the sold out crowd, they began with Some Kind Of Disaster and lead singer Alex Gaskarth was pelted with red polystyrene eggs by the spectators, they followed up with Dark Side of Your Room and Six Feet under the stars in front of a bouncing Barrowland Ballroom.

Alex concluded "Glasgow, you are fucking killing it" and that he felt "relieved" that the band was able to travel overseas again for concerts, its another example why bands enjoy playing in Glasgow and why its in the top places to be for live music along with Manchester and London.

Weightless, Once in a Liftime and Dirty Laundry were played afterwards... then came the pyro hit during Somethings Gotta Give which added to the already buzzing atmosphere, Backseat Serenade and Glitter and Grimson was then played as the audience sang along to the lyrics.

A small encore occured, with the Glasgow crowd shouting that familiar chant "here we... here we... here we fucking go!", the band returned to play Monsters and finishing with their double platinum selling record... Dear Maria, Count Me In.

A great night all round and everyone left satisfied, with some even emotional, the only small downside of the show that was "I feel like Dancin" was not played, which was one of the bands earlier hits but considering the amount of torture that live music fans have been through in these 18 months, it would have been a fitting song for the setlist.

Live gigs are back, so "party like its your civil right" and "everybody get kinda awesome!"

A full photo gallery of the gig can be viewed via the link below...


Photography and review courtesy of Stewart Fullerton.


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