Inhaler, Wet Leg - Barrowlands - 10/10/21

11 Oct 2021

Inhaler, Wet Leg - Barrowlands - 10/10/21

Dublin rockers return to Glasgow for a wild show at the Barrowlands.

Inhaler return to Glasgow for their first headline show in the city since February 2020, less than a month before the world shut down. The band arrive at the Barrowlands this evening towards the end of their victory lap around UK. After a summer of mobbed festival sets, they now finally get their chance to unleash the material from their prophetically-titled debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, which rocketed to number one upon release in July, to their own crowd.

Taking the stage before the Dubliners are the hotly-tipped Wet Leg. Hailing from the Isle of Wight, both of their singles released to date have garnered considerable radio airplay. There is already a sizeable crowd who have arrived early to catch the duo, and they are treated to a wonderful twenty-five minute set of dreamy scuzz.

The playful recent single ‘Wet Dream’ is a melodic delight, and the catchy refrain of “good times, all the time” on ‘Angelica’ certifies it as a hit in waiting. They end their set on a fantastic ‘Chaise Longue’, with lead vocalist Rhian Teasdale giggling her way through the innuendo-filled lyrics. Wet Leg’s excellent set this evening entirely justifies the hype surrounding them. Don’t be surprised if they play venues of this size in their own right before too long.

An indie disco blares over the PA during the changeover and it’s clear that the crowd are in a raucous mood as they holler back every word, with unofficial national anthems ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’ and ‘500 Miles’ getting special airings while spirits remain high from Scotland’s dramatic win the night before.

Inhaler eventually appear onstage to deafening screams and launch straight into the the title track of their debut. The band specialise in anthemic indie with soaring choruses, and that’s exactly what they give for the duration of their hour-long set this evening, surrounded by an epilepsy-inducing light show. The urgency with which ‘When It Breaks’, with the frenetic fretwork of guitarist Josh Jenkinson, is a delight, and ‘In My Sleep’ sounds humongous in exactly the type of room it was written for.

Lead singer Eli Hewson is clearly delighted to be at a venue with such prestige, and makes numerous references to how much he’s enjoying himself. The absolute star of the show, he swaggers his way through the show with a consummate ease, demanding he be the centre of attention (perhaps having stolen a few frontman moves from his Dad). In turn, his devoted crowd show him uncompromising adoration.

The quickfire set ends strongly with a riotous ‘Cheer Up Baby’ and ‘My Honest Face’. The latter is their best song by quite a distance and is taken up another gear this evening. Hewson gives everything he has left as he screams “I wanna be up on TV”, and bassist Robert Keating ends up in the front row during a cacophonous conclusion.

Despite a few moments during the mid-tempo numbers where the material teeters perilously close to MOR territory, when Inhaler are good, they are exceptional. The four-piece are still in their relative infancy, but on their largest headline tour to date, the newly-anointed indie princes look more than comfortable on these bigger stages.

A photo gallery of the show is available to view at the following link (All Photographs courtesy of Stewart Iain Fullerton Photography):



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