Stormzy - OVO Hydro 04/04/2022

07 Apr 2022

Stormzy - OVO Hydro 04/04/2022

An erratic performance by the British rapper, despite some crowd trouble.

Monday night on 4th April marked a date for one of Britains best known rappers to perform in Scotlands premier live music venue, the OVO Hydro, Stormzy was to perform in Glasgow that night as part of his "Heavy Is The Head" tour and the buzz was strong, this was going to be a great show.

Stormzy is known for his fantastic live performances and his influence in the UK grime scene, an underground form of British rap, the 13,000 capacity venue was sold out for the show with many fans on Twitter sharing their sadness over missing out.

There was an early surprise as Glasgow welcomed a celebrity guest at the show, Louis Theroux was in attendance at tonights gig and people asked for a picture with him and sharing them on social media, however this did not mean that everything seemed rosy though, security and police was in high presence and unfortunately there was a bit of mischief prior to the gig starting.

A barrier was broken by a group of frustrated young attendees, causing nearly 200 people to rush straight into the venue, like a charging herd of sheep, this was something that I have never seen in my 20 years of gig going, it was mayhem.

This review however is more about the performance of Stormzy, rather than the incidents that happened before the show began, this was also the kind of thing you would commonly see when The Beatles were performing live in the early 1960s, so the stampede would be seen as a positive rather than a negative, take it either way.

After Stormzys sister performed a DJ set to get the audience warmed up, it was time for the God of Grime to perform, with the crowd seeming much happier than when all that commotion happened earlier, their hero was about to take stage.

With fire and flames everywhere, Stormzy came down via an elevator beginning with Big Michael, then Audacity, Know Me From, Cold and Handsome, structing his funky stuff with the cheering audience and singing those personal and political lyrics that he is known for, the atmosphere completely changed at this point, the place was bouncing.

First Things First, Bronze, Crown, Superheroes, Own It, Do Better and Real Life followed shortly afterwards, with Stormzy continuing to entertain the audience in that unique way of his and the flames spouting out on stage, you can see why he is seen as the king of British rap at the moment.

An Encore occurred with the audience wanting more, "here we fucking go", the usual chant in a Glasgow gig echoes around the stage, Stormzy returned and performed Wiley Flow, a cover of Daves "Clash" and of course, Big For Your Boots, which was the song that introduced me to Stormzy, by my former pop loving work colleague.

After a 2nd encore, an announcement was made about Stormzys upcoming 3rd album, which brought another roar from the crowd, Stormzy came back and finished off with Blinded By Your Grace and finally his best known song Vossi Bop.

A satisfying night for the crowd all around, but not for the ones who got arrested outside after the show ended, it was a disappointing sight for all of the people who just wanted to enjoy themselves on the night, but it was an erratic performance by the British rapper despite the crowd trouble.

You can view a gallery of Stormzys show via the following link.

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Review and Photography by Stewart Fullerton.


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