Royal Blood - OVO Hydro 10/04/2022

12 Apr 2022

Royal Blood - OVO Hydro 10/04/2022

A great performance from the rock duo despite the gig being marred by technical problems

Royal Blood is a popular act within the independent rock scene, they rose to fame with their debut album, "Royal Blood", it received glowing reviews with singles such as Out Of The Black, Little Monster and Figure it Out receiving mass media attention, and they are about to play in Scotlands premier music venue, the OVO Hydro as part of their 2022 world tour.

Originally scheduled for the 3rd April, the band suffered a setback after frontman Mike Kerr tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the band to reschedule, luckily for the fans attending, the band rescheduled pretty quickly, to Sunday 10th April.

After The Amazons provided support, with an image of a 6 eyed tigers head dominating the stage, it was time for Royal Blood to finally come on, with the crowd chanting "HWFG", all too familiar if you are local.

The band began the gig with Typhoons, and already the audience were jumping, they waited an awful long time to see the band live, and finally on the night they were getting their just rewards. The sound that the band are known for, those riffs with the Fender Semi-Hollow Starcaster Bass, were in full show tonight.

Not everything was good though, during the performance of Boilermaker, the technical gremlins came, Mikes microphone stopped working making him quiet for a brief moment, but with the Glasgow crowd being the Glasgow crowd, they covered for him by singing the song while the sound engineer replaced the microphone with a new one, everything was good to go again, at least for now.

After Lights Out and Come On Over was played, Troubles Coming was the next song, and indeed trouble was coming, more technical issues happened, this time the song was interrupted twice and the band was forced to leave the stage, leaving the crowd bewildered, however this was only brief and they did return once everything was resolved, with the audience welcoming them back, they continued the concert with Hook Line & Sinker and Honeybrains.

Little Monster soon followed, Mike left to let Ben perform a solo drum performance, with a picture of the 2 bandmates back in their younger days behind him, like what was seen at the Simple Minds show a few days prior, the solo drum set was epic.

How Did We Get So Dark and Blood Hands were played, then Mike made an emotional speech to the crowd, "I am over COVID" he said, and he was thankful for the massive attendance on the night, concluding "We are no longer a small band, thank you for coming, it means so much", the Hydro wasnt at full capacity on the night with some sections of the venue shut off, but Mike still seemed over the moon about the turnout.

Limbo and Loose Change followed, and of course Figure it Out, a personal favourite, an encore happened shortly afterwards with the crowd chanting "one more tune, one more tune, one more tune", they got more than 1 tune as the band returned to play All We Have Is Now and Ten Tonne Skeleton.

They finished off with the song that introduced me to the band, Out Of The Black, but at the start of the song Mike hit a wrong note on his guitar (or another technical issue happened) causing the performance to stop once again, notably frustrated he left the stage once more, but came back and carried on, ending the show with the satisfied audience giving them their farewell.

A gig marred by problems, but they were all just small hiccups at the end of the night.

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Review and Photography by Stewart Fullerton


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