Crowded House - OVO Hydro 10th June 2022

19 Jun 2022

Crowded House - OVO Hydro 10th June 2022

20 years they haven’t been in the city, I’m sure they will be back before too long.

A sunny walk through Finnieston towards the Hydro, we see a crowd walking towards the show after waiting 20 years to see the Australian Rock band Crowded House, it is an expectant audience and everyone was psyched.

Opening of a production with a gipsy kings vibe getting people into the mood, tonight there was no support, dressed in loud suits, and the bass player in a kilt, the band walk onto a massive cheer.

Starting the set with Distant Sun, one of many songs in the bands catalogue about weather, my guest was sitting beside me singing every word. I was introduced to the band as a child when my dad repeatedly played the iconic “Woodface” album in the house.

Many catchy lyrics were sang over family meal times and car journeys, interspersed with Queen and The Kinks, basically the sound of my childhood. “We have an affinity with Glasgow” Finn remarks, as he rhymes off King Tuts, T in the Park, Barrowlands and the Royal Concert Hall as venues the band have played here.

We could argue that “Four Seasons in One Day” was written about the city, whilst talking about how much Scotland means to them, Neil points out the Bass Players kilt - He refers to is as the “New Zealand tartan” as it is “all black.”

“Fall at your feet” is when the first dancers started in the aisles, with an Acapella ending making sure the entire audience became the backing singers.

“Take off the hi vis baby,” receives its debut, maybe also its last ever play, an impromptu song made on the spot, complete with a rapping section, they want to enter it into Eurovision. The first song written about the security in the Hydro quite possibly! I look forward to next years Eurovision show.

It took Crowded House to full Flight of the Concordes in terms of humour, an ode to their dog “Lester” not their man servant, When you come full rock band with parts of big country , solos and rocking out.

Bird calls ring out after their 2nd newest song (or latest actual one) written about the recent floods of Byron Bay. Next time I’m reminded of these I will think about the ants as big as cats, the show has elements of prog, rock, folk, indie, and so much more.

“Four seasons in One Day.” brings the largest cheer of the night so far, only beaten by the very next song, we are now on a rolls.

The anthemic “Weather With You” gets everyone on their feet, the voices ring loud in Glasgow now, including an individual in front of myself who was having the time of her life.

Earlier in the night I spoke about one of my favourite shows in the Hydro was seeing David Byrne play here. So is was nice during this song that Finn sings a verse of Talking Heads iconic hit “Once in a Lifetime.” “Hey now, hey noooow there’s a wall between us” ensures the vocal chords are gone in the morning. “It’s Only Natural” brings the set to an end before the encore. The cover of Neil Finn’s old band “Split Enz” track “I Got You” is apt as next door to the Hydro, the SEC is currently hosting the Hair and Beauty show… “Well I don’t know why sometimes I get frightened” rings around the venue.

The band had people laughing between songs, even ones made up on the spot, they brought with them a back catalogue of certified hits and had the entire audience singing, the full venue stood and gave them a standing ovation as a well earned send off, they made a large venue very intimate with constant chat back and forth with the crowd.

20 years they haven’t been in the city, I’m sure they will be back before too long.

You can view a photo gallery from the evening by clicking the link below.

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Review by Craig McGee, photography by Stewart Fullerton.


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