Liam Gallagher - Hampden Park 26th June 2022

03 Jul 2022

Liam Gallagher - Hampden Park 26th June 2022

A remarkable set from the former Oasis frontman

People were in for a treat on Sunday as one of Britpops most recognisable faces was due to perform at Hampden Park, Scotlands national football stadium, there was a huge buzz for the show, Liam Gallagher was trending on Twitter, Glasgow was psyched.

There was initial concern about people travelling to and from the concert due to the inconvenience caused by the national rail strikes, and authorities were giving advice on how to travel to and from the venue safely as a result of the industrial action.

It was personally my first ever time at Hampden Park, so getting to check out the stadium inside and outside was great, the atmosphere at the pitch area as well as looking at the Scotland memorabilia inside the stadium.

Goat Girl was the first support act for the early comers, a promising outfit who headlined Glasgows Stag and Dagger Festival in 2019, playing post-punk melodies to get the show up and running.

Kasabian was the 2nd support act and Hampden was close to full at this point, beginning with their first hit Club Foot, new frontman Sergio PIzzorno really structed his stuff during the set and performed the likes of Underdog, CHEMICALS and of course Fire, like their O2 Academy gig last year, they delivered a perfect show and they proved that they can still make the audience jump post Tom Meighan.

The lights dimmed and a huge roar followed, Championees played in the background in dedication to Manchester Citys title win, followed by Fucking in The Bushes from Standing on The Shoulder of Giants, Liam and band entered the stage and got that Scottish welcome that we all know about.

His set consisted mostly of Oasis classics, beginning with Hello, the first track from Whats The Story Morning Glory, and Rock n Roll Star afterwards, who he dedicated to his former bandmate Bonehead, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Liam greeted the crowd and said its great to be back in beautiful Scotland, unlike somebody else that I know, referencing Noel Gallaghers rude remarks about Scotland as well as his ongoing feud with Lewis Capaldi, everybody wondered when Liam will take a dig at his big brother, at the end of the second song.

Whats The Story Morning Glory was next followed with some of Liams original work, such as Wall Of Glass and Better Days, the Oasis classics started again with Stand By Me, Roll it Over and Slide Away, the audience was at full voice, singing the entire songs, you could barely hear Liam due to the crowd singing along.

Beady Eyes Soul Love was performed along with some more original songs from Liam such as Diamonds In The Dark and The River, before the start of the encore.

Liam returned to finish the set with more Oasis hits, the audience were jumping during Some Might Say and Cigarettes & Alcohol, singing along like what they did before, but that was nothing compared to when Wonderwall played, Hampden Park exploded.

The last song of the set was Champagne Supernova, with fireworks going off outside Hampden, it was the end to a remarkable set from the former Oasis frontman.

A emotional night for everybody who attended, Live Forever was left out of the playlist which may have disappointed some, but in the end the night lived up to the hype and everybody left happy, even though everybody had to walk by foot to the city centre due to the lack of public transport.

You can view a complete photo gallery of the night by clicking the link below, photography by Stewart Fullerton.

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