Glasvegas - Kelvingrove Bandstand 11/08/2023

16 Aug 2023

Glasvegas - Kelvingrove Bandstand 11/08/2023

A supercharged crowd leave singing into the West End night

As the sounds of The Clash, The Libertines and Oasis ring out, the rain is slowly threatening in the air, the crowd are fueled well and truly, Glasgow on a Friday night at the bandstand, with one of the famous nicknames of the city about to take to the stage.

Glasvegas walk onstage, with Rab hoisting a bottle of Buckfast to acknowledge us all, looking around it wasnt the only one consumed tonight.

Glasvegas at Kelvingrove Bandstand, photo by Stewart Fullerton

"The World is Yours" starts tonights event with Allan and the band bringing their soundscapes to the West End, he later tells us he was born here!, the sell out crowd were then treated to "Keep me a Space," there were not many spaces left!

The first singalong comes with "Flowers and Football Tops," with a chorus of whooooaaa ooooohhh being belted out, In a city divided by football, it is great to hear everyone come together in a stand and sing together.

The Phil Spector Wall of Sound is in full flow from the band up to now, and this is acknowledged by the bands own take on The Ronettes "Be My Baby," once described as the record of the century. It is here we realise we are in for a great night.

It is here Allan wakes up - he tells a story about Rabs wife saying he looked tired, he thanks the crowd for getting him to this stage, around 45 minutes in! Glad to have you back!

Glasvegas at Kelvingrove Bandstand, photo by Stewart Fullerton

"Geraldine" kicks in to massive cheers, a phenomenal song that a lot of Glasgow can relate too, a theme throughout a few of their songs which has resonated with us all over the years.

The anthemic "Go Square Go" closes the first set and seems to keep going on. The famous Glasgow chant of HWFG with the backdrop of Park Circus was a joy to behold.

From the HWFG chants, it reminds you of being at the raves, Hixxy and Sharkey for those who can remember the Bonkers days from many years ago had a cover of "Rush Hour" it felt like this - was the echoes continued we are treated to a much slowed down, and not Happy Hardcore, version of the song.

Glasvegas at Kelvingrove Bandstand, photo by Stewart Fullerton

"Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry" and Daddys Gone" close out the show to a massive singalong. We are glad you woke up mid-set Allan, for now we will not be sleeping tonight.

A supercharged crowd leave singing into the West End night.

Good to have you back Glasvegas!

Review By Craig McGee, Photography by Stewart Fullerton.


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